Stop Motion Workshop

Animate the EARTH Interactive, collaborative eco-friendly stop motion workshop held in Cou La Tao Eco Forest, Sigang, Tainan, Taiwan.

Travel Films | Asia

Borneo & Bali  |  Watch Here Xiao Liu Qiu, Taiwan | Watch Here Taipei Electric City | Watch Here Taiwanese Religious Parade | Watch Here  

Kung Fu Practice | Taiwan

KUNG POWWW! This is my Kung Fu Teacher! For our second lesson he brought some of his old pictures in for me to see. They were really amazing and it was great to see him in his youth (I think he wanted me to see that aspect)! In one photo he is jumping across 11…

Betel Nut | Taiwan

  Betel nuts, often described as Taiwan’s chewing gum is a legal, common activity between taxi, truck drivers and many others in Taiwan.   ‘Betel Nut Girls’ are scantily clad young women who sit in roadside stalls offering them for drivers who need a fix on the move. It is supposed to create a mild stimulating effect,…