Kung Fu Practice | Taiwan



This is my Kung Fu Teacher! For our second lesson he brought some of his old pictures in for me to see. They were really amazing and it was great to see him in his youth (I think he wanted me to see that aspect)! In one photo he is jumping across 11 bikes – Jackie Chan style!!! I also brought a picture in for him, albeit a desaturated passport mugshot without me smiling, for him to show his wife and daughter that he has an English student, he asked the previous lesson.

We also learnt some Tae kwon do, Chi gong (Energy flow), and a Japanese martial art of which I can’t remember the name something like Asaki?

Anyway, we learn for 1 hour at dusk by the running track and paid NT$100 between me and Jenny, it is more fun than strict.

However I got my Kung Fu kitas a welcoming gift, it consists of a pad to tie to a tree and punch/kick, a old sheet of material (to practise a special technique of hardening up your hand on) and an old hairdressers squirty bottle filled with a orange fluid consisting of herbs and remedies to rub on painful hands/muscles!



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